Richard Noble and Bloodhound SSC

I was lucky enough to have recently had a very interesting and enlightening shoot with the inspiring Richard Noble and his Bloodhound SSC (supersonic car).

Richard gave an inspiring talk at one of their sponsors locations ( my client), Richard is passionate about technology and pushing it’s limits, he emphasised the need for more high end engineering graduates in the UK and how the Bloodhound project is bringing the technology to schools here in the UK via volunteers visiting the schools and giving talks on the subject, thus hopefully inspiring a new generation of engineers and scientist for the future of the UK.

Richard Noble is by no means new to extreme high speed vehicles; his cars have broken and held land speed records for decades including breaking the sound barrier on land. Piloted by Andy Green (no relationship to me) the new car has three engines, a V12 Cosworth to power the fuel pump, a Rolls Royce Jet engine similar to the one that powers the Typhoon Euro Fighter to get it upto close to 1000mph and a rocket motor to punch it through the 1000mph mark.

Their next goal is to break the eye watering speed of 1000mph in 2015 on a twelve mile long dead flat strip in South Africa.