5 Essential Digital Photography Tips And Tricks

Here are 5 tips and tricks to ensure you are always ready for that great shot when it appears in your viewfinder.

  1. UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE – the in-camera software controls what features are available to you. Manufacturers often add new settings.
  2. CHECK YOUR BATTERY IS CHARGED – Or even carry a spare. There is nothing more frustrating than running out of power just as the perfect shot appears.
  3. FORMAT YOUR MEMORY CARD – rather than erasing. This wipes the card clean of both your images and any camera information. Simply erasing the images does not do this.
  4. CHECK YOUR CAMERA SETTINGS – Reset the settings before moving from one project to another to ensure you have the correct ISO
  5. IS YOUR IMAGE SIZE CORRECT? – Mostly you will use the highest resolution you can, but you don’t always need to. Choosing a smaller images size (resolution) will give you a faster shoot rate and more images will fit on your card.

Being well organised and knowing your camera is sorted will help you to concentrate in taking the picture you want.