​Top tips for taking great holiday photos

  • Consider using your Flash – If the bright summer sun casts shadows across your subject, using the extra light from your flash can diminish them. This also works to light up a face if the sun is behind your subject.
  • Moving target? – Use the ‘sports mode’ on your digital camera if it has one or switch to a higher ISO and faster shutter speed. This will help to ‘freeze’ the movement.
  • Fill your Frame – Move in close to your subject to fill the frame and give your photo more impact by losing background distractions.
  • Create silhouettes – Pointing your camera into the sun and crouching down to your childrens’ level can make stunning silhouettes of your children playing.
  • Finally if the weather is dull, spice your image up by finding a bright colour in your subject. This will bring your photo to life.