5 Tips for Great Product Photography

Product photography can be tricky. It's your job to present the product at its best and you will be judged on the results - good or bad. So here are a few basic tips on how to get it right and keep your clients happy.

  • Don’t be afraid to zoom in. Getting up close to your subject can provide more drama and give you greater attention to detail.
  • Make sure your subject is the center of attention. A fussy background can detract from the object you are trying to shoot.
  • Aim for softer lighting effects. Harsh shadows can distract the viewer.
  • Think about alternative lighting angles. For example using a light box beneath your subject can add extra interest through texture and strong impression.
  • Finally make sure you have picked out the best looking product to photograph. There is nothing worse than seeing a flaw on a product! Having said that, make full use of post-processing to clean up dust and scratches.