Top Tips for Great Industrial Photography

It can be challenging when taking photographs of industrial sites and products. Working with very large buildings and pieces of equipment which often look featureless means I have to be prepared and think more creatively. There are some tricks to consider...

  • Try to visit the site before the actual shoot - you can check whether machinery needs to be cleaned and can take some preview shots in preparation.
  • Pay attention to detail when looking through the view finder - industrial and construction sites will have machinery with very straight lines. Even a slight tilt on the camera will be very obvious. Using a tripod will also help prevent this.
  • A slow shutter speed will help in low light areas and can also produce an artistic blur in areas of movement. 
  • Choose your time of day - Exterior photography can look more dramatic when taken at dawn or dusk with industrial lighting providing interesting areas of contrast.  

Check out my  industrial and engineering page to see some of my photography taken on construction sites and industrial areas.