Christmas Photographs

Christmas is an exciting time to take photographs but is also a heavily photographed time of year, so try to approach your subjects with the thought of doing something different. 

Outdoor Scenes

The cold chill of winter adds a purity to the air so photograph during the day, but don't forget that some of the most evocative images are found at night.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights and ornaments are subjects you’ll find in many Christmas photographs - they’re a staple and a cliché. So try to find inventive ways to use them - with extreme close ups or let them dominate the frame and put the main subject in the background. You could also try blurring part of the image.

Family Photos

Christmas is all about family and friends and in the festive season they are often more expressive when you get them to pose together. Use this to your advantage. If you are the photographer in the family you will be in charge of the all important family photos. If you are planning a group shot you will need to use the camera’s timer so you are in the photo too - so don't forget the tripod! For the classic 'family in front of the Christmas tree' image try have some presents in the composition too -and remember forget to focus on the eyes!

As with photographing most major events, getting good Christmas photographs comes down to forethought and preparation.