5 Architectural Photography Tips

Taking pictures of buildings and structures, large or small, can be a complicated business and this list could run to 10 or 20 tips, but I have narrowed it down to 5 ideas to help the creativity flow . . .

Find a Unique Location

There are many famous buildings around the world that have been photographed many times, in different light and weather conditions. But you don't have to go there.

Find your own location, somewhere no one has been - a building that is rarely photographed - and make it look interesting.

Be Aware of the Light

Take shots during the day from a variety of angles to see how the building looks. Then return later with the sun lower in the sky and shadows appear. The building will look different, colours will change.

Use Different Perspectives

Move around the building, taking shots and if possible get close to the structure and shoot straight up. Or lay on the ground. Use angles that you wouldn't get from just walking around. Then move away or get high up to include the entire building in one shot.

Find Leading Lines

Try to create leading lines that take the viewer's eye through the photograph to a focal point. This can be particularly effective when photographing interiors. Look for patterns that provide visual interest.

Don't Forget Scale

To create a sense of scale include people or recognisable objects in your images. This can help to create a sense of scale, giving the viewer a point of reference to understand the size of the building or structure.

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