Mike Green is a professional tech and engineering photographer 

Specialising in tech and engineering photography including electronics, defence, aviation, communications, Oil & Gas, pharmaceutical and EV products, among many others. 
If your business needs the services of a diligent and flexible photographer in Berkshire and beyond, who understands the importance and value of ‘making things work’, along with decades of experience in the science, technology and engineering sectors, then look no further than Mike Green Photography
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Tech and Engineering Photography 

It’s essential that your commercial or advertising photographer understands your products and the intent behind your photography brief and what you want your audience to think when they see your product photographs. 
Technical product photography is often carried out with the prospective (technically proficient) buyer in mind, who may view imagery in a certain way, perhaps differently from a ‘non-professional’ person. This is where tech photos that capture the intricate details, key features, USPs and specifications are crucial. 
The appealing aspects and features will differ for each target customer of every business, which has to be spot on if tech photography is to help sell more products online. To ensure your unique images are of the highest quality for your business in your commercial marketing, Mike will look to enhance and emphasise these key details when shooting. 

Applications for Tech Photography 

Your commercial imagery is arguably the most powerful advertising and marketing tool you can hope to have for any tech and engineering product. It doesn’t matter whether you sell products like circuit boards or screws, nuts and bolts, because, with impactful and engaging commercial photography, they can capture your prospective clients’ imagination. 
Capturing the essence of every product, no matter how basic, is something a commercial tech photographer like Mike can help you with. Mike is experienced in every aspect of tech photography, helping businesses of all sizes find the right angles to bring out every product’s true value. Using different surfaces, backgrounds, textures, shapes, angles and editing techniques, Mike can ensure every picture of your tech product has a clear purpose to make it stand out on any marketing material, making it more likely that your customers will take notice. 

Mike’s photography images are used for the following marketing applications, to name just a few: 

Social media 
Brochures, flyers and leaflets 
eCommerce stores 
Retail and distribution 
Printed marketing materials 
Press releases 
Media and other marketing applications 

Technology Photography Service Process 

Mike knows the right strategies to help your tech and engineering images stand out as crisp, clear and clean as possible for every application you have in mind. 
Mike’s primary goal as a commercial photographer is to give your business an efficient, cost-effective service that leaves you with imagery that you can be proud of. Mike takes great pride in providing a flexible and friendly service to help each and every customer, all thanks to decades of experience giving each one creative, unique and versatile imagery. 
Just a few of the types of products Mike can shoot include wind turbines, solar panels, EV, electric vehicles, and many others. 

Tech & Engineering Location Photography 

Mike can come to your location, whether locally in Berkshire, London or anywhere in the UK, and take photographs in situ and on-site. Taking in-action photos is something that Mike prides himself in doing well. Mike has done this for many other businesses, with the high-quality images showcasing their attention to detail, professionalism and diligence. 
If you’d like to see some examples of how Mike can make industrial and commercial manufacturing facilities stand out in high-quality images, please refer to his gallery. 

In-House Photography Studio 

Alternatively, if it’s convenient for you, you can always send products directly to Mike’s professional photography studio in Reading. He would be more than happy to shoot a series of images for as many products as required and have them ready for you before sending the products back. 
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Tech and Engineering Photographer in Reading, London and the UK 

You need to tell your brand’s story with photography that captures the essence of your products or services. Mike can help you find that perfect niche with a range of tech-focused photography services. 
Most of his experience lies in the tech and engineering sector, but he also has years of experience in automotive, defence, electronics, pharmaceuticals and many other fields. The growing eco and sustainability sector is another industry of particular interest and importance. 
If you want professional tech and engineering photography that’s competitively priced, high-quality and completed efficiently, speak to me, and Mike will be happy to provide you with a free quote for your request
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Our Most Recent Work 

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Clients we work with 

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What my clients say... 

A passionate and creative photographer 
I have worked with Mike many times and would highly recommend him. He is a passionate and creative photographer with a fantastic eye for capturing detail and delivering what you brief him and more. We are very pleased with all the photo shoots we have completed with Mike over the years. He is always very friendly and professional and definitely gives you confidence in his ability. I look forward to working with him again in the future. 
L.P EMEA Marketing Director. BAXA 

Get in touch with Mike Green Photography 

To book a project, discuss ideas or request a quote, fill in your details and Mike will be in touch. 
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