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For many people, preparing for an extended photography shoot can be slightly overwhelming. There are several things to bear in mind when preparing for a photoshoot, during and after it. 
That said, there are a few simple tips to remember, which will mean you’re getting the most out of a headshot photography session, and I’ve outlined some of those for you in this short blog post. 

Achieving the Most from Corporate Photography 

Time is of the essence, and thus, when arranging for a professional corporate headshot photographer visit, you’re as prepared as possible. 
While it’s important not to rush through any type of photography – much less professional business headshots – ultimately, you need to keep the efficiency at a high level. Rushing can lead to mixed and, more often than not, less than satisfactory results, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be happy with the finished products. However, ensuring there’s minimal disruptions, distractions, and a structure in place will mean you’re saving time. 
Therefore, some advanced preparation can make all the difference between photographs that you like and ones that leave you disappointed. But, “how do I plan for a corporate photoshoot?” I hear you ask. 
Corporate Photography

Planning Your Corporate Portrait Pictures 

It’s crucial that you specify exactly what you want to achieve with a corporate headshot photography session. To figure this out, you should take some time to ask yourself the following questions: 
What photography images do I want to project for my business? 
What do I want my target audience to think when they view the headshots? 
What message am I trying to send? 
What groups do I want to be photographed together? 
What style do I want to incorporate into the photographs? 
Once you have answered the questions above, you should relay your thoughts to your portrait photographer. Hypothetically, if it were me shooting your business portraits, I’d ideally need as much information as possible, ahead of time. 
The better prepared you are, the more efficient the photoshoot will be. 
If you are planning a shoot for your whole team, think about which photos you’ll need, the groups that’ll be shot together and the location. For example, are you wanting to shoot in an office or meeting room? If so, let your commercial photographer know, and ensure the area is clean, tidy and doesn’t need to go through numerous layout changes. 
Also, think about how your headshots will be used. Do you want these to be used on your website or social media, or are you looking to put them in printed materials? Would location shots be the right idea? Your chosen application will significantly impact the photography style and method. 
This is why it’s worthwhile arranging a pre-photography shoot meeting with your photographer, where you can discuss ideal locations and get a plan of action in place. 
To arrange a meeting, get a call booked in with Mike Green Photography today. 

Corporate Headshot Photography Tips 

Once you’ve planned out what you want to achieve with your commercial photography headshots, it’s a case of preparing yourself and your team members to take the best images possible. Here are some general tips to consider for when your headshot photographer arrives: 
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Avoid logos, large stripes and bold patterns for clothing 
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Ensure clothing is clean-pressed, fits comfortably and doesn’t pull on certain areas of the body 
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Ideally, bring a change of outfits or two and a selection of accessories (such as ties) 
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Speaking of accessories, don’t go overboard. Keep things simple 
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Preferably, wear solid, soft or muted colours as these work best 
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Try and get a haircut a few days before the session, or, if you dye your hair, make sure it’s done roughly a week beforehand to avoid any grey hair or dark roots 
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On the topic of hairstyles, try and get it styled just before the session 
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Don’t overdo any makeup (i.e. don’t go too heavy, sparkly or shiny). Keep it as natural as possible 
Preparation is vital for an efficient, cost-effective corporate headshot session. Your professional photographer can provide added creativity and expertise to capture some excellent, high-quality images for your business. 

Professional Commercial Photographer in Berkshire 

If you are ready to discuss your business imagery with some expert, specialist portrait photography assistance, I would love to help. Please reach out to me via my website contact form, and I’ll respond to arrange an initial no-obligation talk. 
I’m experienced in all types of commercial photography, from lifestyle photography to product photography, and can bring your business to life with professional headshots that complement your branding and marketing. 
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