Architectural photography
There are many different types of photography, one being architectural photography. This blog will outline precisely what architectural photography is and how to achieve the best shots. 

What is Architectural Photography? 

Architectural Photography is the art of capturing a structure’s look through composition, lighting and angles. Architectural photographers use aesthetically pleasing architectural structures as the focal point for their shoots. 
By adjusting their positioning, coupled with clever use of light and different lenses, there are endless combinations of pictures that architectural photographers can capture. Examples of architectural styles include Romanesque, Gothic, Classical, Neoclassical, Baroque, Modernist and Brutalist. 

What Are the 2 Main Types of Architectural Photography? 

There are two main types of architectural photography: interior architectural photography and exterior architectural photography. 
Interior and exterior architectural photography have different final results, but using similar techniques can help you get great results. 
The following best describes the components of interior and exterior architectural photography. 

Interior Architecture Photography 

Interior Architecture Photography refers to photos taken of the interior of the chosen structure. It is often more challenging than capturing the exterior due to a lack of natural light and often confined spaces. 
Photographers often use ambient light shining through available windows with the addition of strategically placed out-of-shot studio strobes to balance and capture the interior sympathetically and accurately. 

Exterior Architecture Photography 

Exterior Architecture Photography refers to photographing the exterior of the chosen structure. 
Exterior Architecture Photography is often more accessible to capture due to an abundance of natural light, which photographers can use to their advantage for effective results. To create more pleasing exterior images, photographers use a variety of filters and often shoot at dusk to get a nice balance of warm glow from the property’s windows complimenting the warm evening golden light. Recently drones are being used more and more to capture interesting angles and perspectives when creating exterior images. 

Architectural Photography Tips and Techniques 

Below are some valuable tips to consider when creating captivating architectural photography. These will help uniquely capture a structure’s essence. 
Considering where you are positioning is crucial to capturing stunning architectural photographs. Use built-in camera tools such as the grid perspective to line up the natural vertical and horizontal lines. 
Scour the location for innovative and less obvious angles and positions that many people may not have thought to capture from. Don’t be afraid to use unorthodox angles, including shooting vertically, depending on the subject matter. 
The time of day for architectural photography is imperative in creating the right look for your shot; morning, midday and evening shoots will produce very different images. The time of day will also dictate where the shadows will fall and where you will have direct sunlight. These factors also have a massive influence on the final result. 
It’s also beneficial to look into what the weather will likely be like when you plan to take your photographs. Equally, if the lighting is not ideal, you can bracket your exposures: overexposed, correctly exposed and underexposed, by adjusting your camera’s shutter speed and aperture. 
Combine these images using HDR to create a more eye-catching image than otherwise possible. Also, using polarising and neutral density filters can enhance your architectural photos. 
Each structure will have a unique presentation, using sharp lines, curved edges, and horizontal and vertical lines, for example, to create symmetry or definition against a skyline or background. Keep an eye out for any exciting architectural features of your chosen structure that will help to boost it aesthetically. 
The possibilities are endless when it comes to architectural photography. You can find different architectural styles in the buildings surrounding us daily. Begin by identifying which aspects bring out the personality of a structure, Then go out there, create some beautiful images and enjoy. 

Architectural Photography by Mike Green Photography 

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