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When it comes to commercial photography, the colour and texture of your background are just as important as taking great photos of your products. 
There’s a reason why so many eCommerce stores are turning to white backgrounds in their product photography. These simple changes can significantly impact how engaging your photos appear and how inviting they feel to your customers. 
Using a white background in your product photos makes them look much more sophisticated and equally easy on the eyes. There are many reasons why using a white backdrop might be the go-to option, which Mike Green has outlined in this guide, stemming from his vast experience as a product photographer in Reading, Berkshire. 

Why White Backgrounds are Useful in eCommerce and Product Photography 

Many eCommerce stores use white backgrounds in their professional product photography. That’s because most people associate white with brightness, cleanliness and neutrality. 
White backgrounds make photos feel brighter and cleaner, making it easier for potential customers to identify the integral features of the products. Conversely, a white background will help ensure all colours are represented adequately while keeping distracting details from the imagery out of focus. 
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Benefits of White Backgrounds in Product Photography 

White backgrounds make product and eCommerce photography images brighter and more sophisticated. The clean, crisp look creates a more inviting feel to your store’s product pages, whether used on an eCommerce website or in a catalogue. 
The contrast between the white background and your products creates a clean, professional look that can be seen in various industries. It also allows for simple lines to emerge between objects, which helps create a cleaner design overall. 
The brightness and clarity produced by the white background makes your products stand out from the rest. This is because when your product is surrounded by white, it can pick up light from all angles, which helps illuminate all parts of the product and make it pop out to the viewer. 
When you use a white background, your products won’t be obscured by colour tones. Companies should avoid making their images too busy or complicated by adding too many colour tones to their photos. This is where a compelling white backdrop comes in handy because it keeps everything simple and streamlined while giving off an eye-catching feel. 

White Backgrounds vs. Photographing in Context 

Most people think white backgrounds are a good choice for photos when you want to create an inviting feel for your customers. 
Mike Green has been the go-to commercial photographer for many local and national businesses across many industries, all of which have unique products they sell online or in catalogues. These include: 
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Tech and electronics companies 
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Toy manufacturers or retailers 
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Defence industry suppliers 
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Engineering supplies companies 
Luckily, many of them recognise the importance of having high-quality product photography that serves a clear purpose: to improve conversion rates. 
Therefore, one of the main benefits of product photography is how crucial images can be in driving leads and sales for your business. 
If product images aren’t shot where their condition looks perfect and minimalist, some customers may not want to purchase them. 

When Should You Use a Coloured Background? 

Occasionally, it would not be appropriate for you to use a white background. For example, if you’re aiming to capture the natural beauty of an item in situ, then using a white background wouldn’t make sense. 
Another time a coloured background might be better is when your product is deliberately meant to be shown off as dirty. Coloured backgrounds or natural location photoshoots may be more appropriate here, as in-action product shots can make them look authentic from some angles. 
You can afford to be creative with lifestyle shots like this if you’ve developed a strong brand that your customers resonate with. Your product shots should always fit the vibe of your business, and styled photography that doesn’t involve white backgrounds can still strike that emotional connection. 
That said, there is a time and a place, and if you’re unsure about which type of photography would suit your products best, consult with Mike Green. 
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Glass with a slice of lemon

Professional Product Photography from a Commercial Photographer in Berkshire 

People trust images they see online more than text alone; consumers are more likely to buy something when they see a photo of it first. It’s no wonder eCommerce stores have been using white backgrounds in their product photography for years. 
If you want your products to stand out, Mike can provide bespoke, tailored product photography services that will work for your business, whatever your sector. 
Mike is a corporate photographer with consolidated experience across multiple industries and knows how to make products of all shapes, sizes, and specifications stand out. 
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